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... Enter if you dare ...
… Enter if you dare …

Deadlefizz News

The Deadlefizz Books

by Simon Hill

Beautiful, glossy books, vibrant images, drastic dramas and lovely rhymes.
Deadlefizz is a bold, boisterous, young dinosaur who does things without considering the consequences.

Deadlefizz Dinosaur’s Disastrous Decision;

Deadlefizz, the dinosaur, is often told
that he is really, rather bold.
He jumps off here, he dives off there.
He never really has a care.

One day he jumps and wishes he hadn’t.
Who will rescue him?

Deadlefizz Dinosaur’s Drastic Drama;

Deadlefizz runs as fast as he can:
He doesn’t have much of a plan.
He runs & runs and runs some more;
Skips and his feet don’t touch the floor.

One day he trips and falls on T-REX!
How will he escape?

There should be something magical about reading a story and these have vibrant images and rhymes to bounce you along!
There are many activities at the back to satisfy young, enquiring minds.



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