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Author and Illustrator

Simon Hill

I live, scribble and paint in Aberdeenshire, Scotland ,UK


I live, scribble and draw in Aberdeenshire, Scotland UK

I was always fascinated by  science and also loved  drawing and creative writing,  so I made a career in  laboratories and painted on  the side.  

I started work in the building where the process was developed to make carbon fibre strong. It was inspirational because carbon fibres are the weakest, fluffiest structures you can think of …and yet, someone imagined them differently and now they are one of the lightest, strongest structures that can be formed into any shape. (Arthur C Clarke imagined our modern world of satellites, phones and computers in his science fiction books before they came into existence). I found the oil industry in the late 80’s & discovered the excitement of occasionally going to work on a helicopter. I was lucky enough to be transferred ship to ship on a basket dangling from a crane, a few times, which was brilliant, especially onto a supply boat in a good swell. Some jobs involved cementing-in the legs of new platforms and there is no experience like watching thousands of tonnes of platform stage being lifted over your head and placed on the new legs, when you’ve just demonstrated that the cement was sufficiently set! I ran a Drilling Fluids laboratory and a Gas Plant Laboratory in the North east of Scotland. Now, I write and illustrate children’s books, in Aberdeenshire. I hope what I imagine inspires you, your children and grandchildren to read, laugh, point, enquire and describe what’s going on and imagine stories of your own. Read the books, discuss the story; the words; the issues and create lasting bonds with your children and grandchildren. It’s a magical time. Don’t miss it!



My Deadlefizz Dinosaur storybooks have vibrant images and rhyming couplets to bounce you along with the drama. They should be a pleasure to hear and say, so that kids are excited to read, laugh, point at, enquire about and describe what’s going on. All of the book’s titles and many place names, use alliteration, which kids love to spot and say.

They can’t wait to be first to find Rusty Rabbit in pictures.

The books are “More than a Story” as there are a variety of extra activities. In the back of the books all the interesting words are described in Wonderful WOW Words and a series of questions and activities are designed to help create lasting bonds between parent / grandparent and child.

I loved reading books to my kids.
It is a magical time.
Don’t miss it!