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Use your Imagination !! Imagine yourself in Deadlefizz's world

Look at the map

Imagine. Start at Deadlefizz’s village and imagine yourself walking to Squelch Swamp. What do you see along the way? What does Squelch Swamp smell like when you get there?

Start at Deadlefizz’s village and find the shortest route to Raging River. What do you see? What’s the weather like? What do you find at the river?

Imagine you are Deadlefizz. How fast can you run now you have 4 legs? Is it faster or slower than you can run with 2 legs?

Imagine walking through Whistling Wood. The trees are very unusual. They are like giant tulips but they are also like trees! There are holes in the Stems (or trunks – I’m not sure which). The wind is blowing gently through the holes and it’s a bit like a recorder playing softly, so what music do you hear? How will you dance to the tune?

As you are in Whistling Wood why don’t you go and have a look into Impossible Pit? Be careful not to fall in because the sides are very steep and it’s a long way down. What can you see at the bottom?